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Les Terres Promises
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Leaving the big city in 2003 without knowledge or experience but with a huge passion and love for wine and the beautiful region of Provence, Jean-Cristophe Comor acquired 7 hectares of old vineyards and began to write the story of his domain "The Promised Lands". The first vintage was harvested in 2004 from old Carignan vines called “l'Antidote”, with production not exceeding 7,000 bottles for the first three years. In 2007, a rose wine “Apostrophe” was born, and in 2008 the first white wine called “Analepse” was produced from the old white Carignan vines. In 2012, the first Bandol wine “l’Amourvèdre” was created from vines in the communes of Le Bosse and Le Castelle.

Today, the winery works on 15 hectares of land with vines ranging in age from 3 to 60 years and produces 10 wines on the estate and 2 in Bandol. The main task of the winery is to take care of the vines and to search for the expression of the terroir that emphasizes the individuality of the soil, the grape variety, and the climatic conditions. Each plot has its own character, which can be found in every single wine. These plots are located in the communes of La Roquebrussanne and Garéoult at an altitude of 320 to 420 meters above sea level. The terroir is homogeneous, with more or less limestone content. It is an iron clay soil, with a red color, rich in iron ore, and a high concentration of boron, which decreases with altitude.

In the cellar, the principles are spontaneous fermentation and minimal intervention, and the vessels used are stainless steel, concrete, and wood of various sizes and ages.

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